Getting Ready for 2015

Mixed berries in a bowlThe 2013 Berry Health Benefits Symposium was a great success!

2015 information will be available in Fall 2014.

Behind news releases on how berries improve the odds in the battle against chronic disease and aging is the work of research scientists. The Berry Health Benefits Symposium is an international conference dedicated to showcasing the latest scientific research by these men and women into berries and health.

The symposium, which has been held biennially since 2005, features cutting edge findings in many areas including breast and colon cancer, leukemia, diabetes, gut health, metabolism, brain aging, heart health and more.

During October 12 to 15, 2015, some of the world’s most renowned berry researchers will gather in Madison, Wisconsin to present information that will attract media and consumer attention to berries as a superfruit.

Fresh cranberries

Put on under the auspices of the National Berry Crops Initiative, the Berry Health Benefit Symposium offers two days of dynamic research presentations and a special one-day event “The Berry Sessions” for non-scientists, and will include a tour of the cranberry growing region of Wisconsin.