Dr. Grant Canipe

Dr. Canipe is a developmental cognitive neuroscientist and first-generation undergraduate and graduate student. He graduated with a B.S. in Psychology with honors from Appalachian State University before joining the Cheatham Lab at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to pursue his Ph.D. in August 2013. During his graduate school training, he investigated fetal alcohol exposure before selecting a new topic for his dissertation – investigating nutrition and lifestyle factors that affect cognitive function in typically aging older adults.

Dr. Canipe’s research interests lie in factors to prevent and reverse cognitive aging, particularly the impact of antioxidants and the gut microbiome.

In Fall 2020, he joined the Chicago School of Professional Psychology as an Assistant Professor. In his role at The Chicago School, he teaches courses for the PsyD program in Human Development, Cognitive Affective Bases of Behavior, Biological Bases of Behavior, Statistics, Research Methods, and Learning and Motivation. Dr. Canipe also serves as a Visiting Lecturer at UNC-Chapel Hill, teaching advanced research theory in psychology (a senior capstone course).