Junior Investigators

Opportunities for Junior Investigators at the BHBS!

bhbs-2019-junior-investigatorsThe 2022 Berry Health Benefits Symposium is pleased to offer Junior Investigators a way to share their latest research findings. Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows may submit abstracts for review and consideration.

Poster Presentations: The most outstanding poster presented by a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow will receive a $300 award, as decided by the BHBS judging panel. Participants must cover their own travel costs and registration (student rates available).

New for 2022 – the BHBS judging panel will select (10) Junior Investigator participants for full registration fee scholarships.

How to Apply

  • Abstracts must be received through electronic submission to the Junior Investigators Abstract Review Committee Chairperson: Dr. Luke Howard – lukeh@uark.edu
  • Abstracts will only be accepted November 16th, 2021 – January 9th, 2022.
  • Submitting authors will be notified of acceptance by January 10th, 2022. We will also notify scholarship recipients at that time.

Submission Guidelines

  • Only original research relating to the symposium themes of berry biochemical composition, cardiovascular health, metabolism regulation, gut health, brain aging, skin health and other health properties of berry fruit will be considered.
  • Each abstract will be peer reviewed for scientific content and merit of the research.
  • Abstracts should not be submitted if the research represented by the abstract has already been accepted for publication in a journal.
  • If you submit an abstract, you must be prepared to discuss essential details of your methods and results.

Poster Abstract Guidelines

The abstract should be clear, descriptive, self-explanatory and not longer than 300 words.

TITLE: A title that is composed as a single declarative statement and focused on the results of the study. The names of all authors (first name, middle initial, last name) as well as their departmental and institutional addresses. Indicate which authors are associated with which institutions with numbered footnotes. Identify a corresponding author and provide a mailing address, telephone number, fax number and email address.

The abstract for research papers should follow the “structured abstract” format. Section labels should be in bold uppercase letters followed by a colon, and each section will begin on a new line.

BACKGROUND: Provide 1 or 2 sentences that explain the context of the study.
OBJECTIVE: State the precise objective, the specific hypothesis to be tested, or both.
METHODS: Describe the study design, including the use of cells, animal models, or human subjects. Identify specific methods and procedures.
RESULTS: Report the most important findings, including key data and results of statistical analyses.
CONCLUSIONS: Summarize in 1 or 2 sentences the primary outcomes of the study, including their potential importance.
KEYWORDS: Below the abstract, provide and identify 5-10 keywords or short phrases.

To download a PDF of the abstract rubric, please click here.