Dr. Jess Reed

2022 Gut Health and Gut Microflora Session Chair

Dr. Jess Reed is Professor of Animal Nutrition at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He received a PhD from Cornell in 1983. His 33 years of research has focused on the effects of phytochemicals in foods and forages on human and animal health and nutrition, including 6 years at the International Livestock Center for Africa where he studied the phyochemistry of tropical legume forages.

Starting in 1996, he began researching the effects of flavonoids in foods on human health, including cardiovascular disease, urinary tract infections and cancer. Reed has over 100 research publications in his field and a successful research program funded through competitive grants from NIH and USDA along with collaborative projects with the food and nutritional supplements industry. Dr. Reed also maintains an active outreach program in agricultural development with project experience in 20 countries.