John Finley, PhD

John Finley, PhD

Dr. Finley is Head and Professor of Food Science at Louisiana State University. He is leading a program focused on development of functional foods which deliver targeted health benefits and are of culinary quality.

Dr. Finley has had a distinguished career in the food industry as a leader and innovator of new technologies.  Dr. Finley worked at Kraft Foods where he developed several low calorie technologies and satiety enhancing products.  Fostered by his background at Monsanto John also served as an internal consultant in biotechnology.  At Monsanto he was leader of the Food Science program which was focused on delivery of intense sweeteners and reduced calorie ingredient development. 

At Nabisco Dr. Finley assembled and served as leader or the Fundamental Science program which resulted in multiple innovations and technologies to support the Nabisco businesses.  In that role he also was co-inventor and leader of the development program for Salatrim and low calorie fat.

Dr. Finley has authored over 100 technical publications, edited eleven books and holds over 50 patents.  Currently he is an associate editor for the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

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