John Sauve

Food and Wellness Group Managing Partner, Swardlick Marketing

With over 40 years in the food industry with the corporate and commodity sectors, John brings a depth of general management, operations and marketing experience in advertising and promotion, research, strategic planning, new product development, and program implementation to his role as Managing Partner of the Food and Wellness Group for Swardlick Marketing.

John is responsible for ongoing management of existing business clients and product lines, and the development of new business in the areas of Food and Wellness. He led the strategic development of 5 A Day The Color Way, the phytochemical color-based marketing initiative developed by Swardlick for the Produce for Better Health Foundation.

Just prior to joining the agency, John served for 11 years as Executive Director of the Wild Blueberry Association of North America (WBANA). During his tenure, the health defining new arenas of colorful phytochemicals, antioxidants and ORAC were identified in early 1997 and subsequently nurtured for creating worldwide demand for blueberries. The Bar Harbor Research Group of world renowned scientist founded by WBANA in 1998 lead the way in plant based health research.

As a principal with The Hale Group, a management consulting firm in Boston, John provided strategic counsel to the foodservice and restaurant industries.

John also held executive positions in operations and marketing during his 23 years with Friendly Ice Cream Corporation, a major New England based restaurant and ice cream retailer.