Dr. Ramesh C. Gupta

Dr. Ramesh C. Gupta received PhD in Chemistry from the Roorkee University (now Indian Institute of Technology), India, and then moved to Baylor College of Medicine, Houston for postdoctoral training in 1973. He grew to Associate Professor at Baylor prior to moving to University of Kentucky in 1989 as Professor. In 2003, he was recruited by James Graham Brown Cancer Center, University of Louisville and was appointed as Professor, Distinguished University Scholar and Agnes Brown Duggan Chair in Oncological Research. He has always worked at the cutting edge technology pioneering sensitive methods to sequence tRNAs, followed by ultrasensitive 32P-postlabeling to measure DNA damage by environmental carcinogens. These works have received several thousand citations.

Last year, Dr. Gupta’s laboratory reported the development of novel polymeric implants for continuously (“24/7”) delivering natural compounds for long duration for prevention and treatment of cancer. This technology has been filed for patents by the University of Louisville – part of the patent issued in March 2012. His recent focus has been to identify natural compounds and extracts which attack multiple targets for preventing lung, breast and cervical cancers. His laboratory was the first to report the inhibition of breast cancer and lung cancer by blueberry ‘colored’ compounds, and cervical cancer by withaferin A isolated from the ancient Indian herb “ashwagandha”. The blueberry compounds have also elicited enhanced response of chemotherapeutic drugs which led to a lung cancer clinical trial.

The laboratory’s thrust is to develop simple and effective strategies for prevention and treatment of cancer recurrence and metastasis using blueberry bioactives and other natural compounds and novel drug delivery systems. He has been fortunate to have a qualified team of researchers, continuous funding from NIH and State grants, the Duggan endowment and James Graham Brown Cancer Center.