Dr. Christian G. Krueger

Christian G. Krueger

Christian G. Krueger

2017 Presentation Title – Insoluble Proanthocyanidin Interactions with Berry Cell Wall Components

Mr. Krueger is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Complete Phytochemical Solutions, LLC, a consulting and analytic service company that provides intellectual and technical expertise in phytochemistry that enables their clients to develop, manufacture and market high quality and efficacious botanical and food products for human and animal nutrition.

Mr. Krueger is also Principal Investigator and Director of Operations for the Reed Research Group’s basic and translational research program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The Reed Research Group embodies three core competencies: Phytochemistry, Cardiovascular Disease and Mucosal Immunity.

Mr. Krueger pioneered the development of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry techniques for characterization of the structural heterogeneity of oligomeric polyphenols in fruits, beverages and nutritional supplements. Analytic tools such as this are currently used to support authenticity, standardization and efficacy evaluation of natural products.