Chantal Matar, PhD, RD

Dr. Chantal Matar

Dr. Chantal Matar

2017 Presentation Title – Mechanisms of Chemoprevention of Breast Cancer by Biofermented Blueberry Preparation: An Interface Between Nutrition and Cancer

Dr. Chantal Matar obtained her Ph.D. in Food Sciences and Technology from Laval University, Canada (1997) and a Dietetic Internship from Ottawa Hospital (2010). Her expertise is focused on in vivo assessing of functional foods (probiotic, bioactive peptides, and polyphenol-enriched nutraceutical preparations) in immunosurveillance, anti- inflammatory response and chemoprevention of cancer by controlling cancer stem cells and microRNAs. In collaboration with the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer, she established a prevention-based research program on nutrition and neoplasia mechanisms. She successfully managed and led active research lab in biomedical, nutrition/immunology/cancer. She is an established investigator with proven track record of supervising highly qualified personnel. She authored more than 110 communications, including 40 referred papers and book chapters, and 4 patent applications.

She is particularly involved in the research on nutrition and health, probiotics, microbiome and chemoprevention of breast and skin cancer by functional foods and was successful in acquiring research funding from different research agencies.

She is maintaining strong collaborations at both national and international levels, as evidenced by international awards: 1) Best Research Award from Trade and Industry Ministry (Japan) for a new study presented at the 24th and 22nd International Congress on Nutrition and Integrative Medicine held in Sapporo, Japan 2014, 2) Life Member of the Association of International Union Against Cancer Fellows and Visiting Scientist at WHO 2009, and 3) Scientific Advisor for the International Life Sciences Institute North America Canadian Advisory Committee 2016.